Effects of MAP on shelf life of Turkish delight

31 October 2014

Researchers at Tunceli University in Turkey created four different modified atmospheres in order to extend the shelf life of Turkish delight.
The numbers of total mesophilic aerobic bacteria within samples stored in a modified atmosphere of 30% CO2 plus 70% N2 were lower than in the other modified atmospheres. The samples kept in a modified atmosphere of 50% CO2 plus 50% N2 were unacceptable after the 21st day of storage, whereas those kept in modified atmospheres of both 25% CO2 plus 75% N2 and 30% CO2 plus 70% N2 were found to be acceptable even after 30 days of storage. An article about the research is published in the Journal of Food Protection.
Click here for an abstract of the article.

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