Eating smaller portions will satisfy a person just as well as a larger portion

04 February 2013

If you’re giving in to cravings for chocolate or other snacks, think smaller, take a bite and wait: A new study by Cornell University researchers finds that eating smaller portions of commonly craved foods will satisfy a person just as well as a larger portion. The research will be published in the January issue of the journal “Food, Quality and Preference.”
The study found that, as expected, portion size has a direct impact on calorie intake – but it also discovered that portion size did not have a direct impact on the level of satisfaction of the person eating the snack. Researchers came to these conclusions after testing 104 adults, who were given large and small portions of the same snack. Those who ate large portions consumed 77% more calories than those who ate small portions. Yet, despite consuming substantially more calories, hunger pangs of people eating large portions decreased by the same amount as those eating small portions. In both conditions, craving tendencies were significantly decreased 15 minutes after eating (Press Release Cornell University, 30 January 2013).