NVC Introduction Course on Packaging (Live Hybrid with company study visits)

The course

The NVC Introduction Course on Packaging (ICP) provides you with a clear picture of the production of packaging materials and packaging products. You have insight in the most commonly used packaging materials, production processes, printing techniques and rules and regulations. With this knowledge you can communicate with suppliers, clients and colleagues more effectively.
The course consists of a sophisticated compact combination of group lessons and company visits. The participants obtain objective and up-to-date factual knowledge in combination with the experience and insight that go hand in hand with actually watching key production processes in the packaging field. 
Company study visits to production sites of packaging materials, where you actually experience the packaging production processes in practice, are part of the curriculum. Each study visit is introduced in the classroom by the tutor using an educative video impression, ensuring that the essential knowledge elements are transferred. Taking into account the varying Corona measures, every effort is made to ensure that the actual physical company visits take place during the course.
Classes take place in hybrid form. Hybrid training at NVC enables the student to be physically present or to follow the class live online, from any location worldwide. 
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The classroom lessons are supported by the NVC online learning environment. In addition to the live lessons and company study visits, you can thus replay the (recordings of the) lessons and the underlying learning materials at any given time and location. 

More information?
Do you have questions and/or would you like to receive more information, please contact us. We can also go through the list of references. We can be reached via education@nvc.nl or +31-(0)182-512411.

For whom?

The course is intended for employees who wish to supplement their existing competencies with the basic knowledge of packaging and packaging materials in a short period of time in order to improve the fulfilment of their process support or management function.

After completing the course, they know the essence of what is going on in the broad field of packaging and have created a basis for following and understanding the future developments.

Examples of participants are sales employees, managers, marketeers, purchasers and quality employees.


Day 1:

  • Definition of packaging
  • Vulnerabilities and functionalities
  • Supply chain insights
  • Market players
  • Packaging rules and regulations, food safety
  • Printing techniques
  • Overview of the most commonly used packaging materials

Day 2:

  • Characteristics of paper and board
  • External influences; moisture, light, time
  • Production and application of paper and board packaging
  • Production process of corrugated board, including company visit
  • Metal packaging and closures
  • Production and application of metal packaging
  • Production process of metal packaging, including company visit

Day 3:

  • Glass packaging; raw materials and melting process
  • Production and application of glass packaging
  • Production process of glass packaging, including company visit
  • Wooden crates, (F)IBC’s and pallets
  • Production process of pallets, including company visit

Day 4:

  • Basic structure of plastics, rigid and flexible plastic materials
  • Production and application of plastic packaging
  • Production process of flexible plastic packaging, including company visit
  • Case studies: How do you package a product? Which application does the packaging material have?


The course lasts 4 days divided into two blocks of two consecutive days. The lessons take place at the NVC in Gouda and on location in the Netherlands.
Time table from 09.30 to 16.00 hours.

10 Oct 2022

NVC Introduction Course on Packaging (Live Hybrid with company study visits)

Lessons on: 10 and 13 October and on 7 and 8 November 2022 from 9:30 AM to 04:00 PM CE(S)T (Paris Time Scale)
Costs NVC members: € 1.885,00 Costs non-members: € 2.410,00


The lessons are given Live Hybrid where the students can choose whether or not to be physically present at the location of the lesson.
All lessons will be recorded. They can be reviewed by the students from the 24/7 NVC online learning environment at any time. All course material is also available in the 24/7 online learning environment for study before, during or after the lessons. 
The lessons are taught by live tutors, supported by an NVC E-Course Technical Teaching Assistant (ETEA). The tutor answers all student questions during and, if desired, after the lessons.

Assignment and certificate

A final assignment is part of the ICP curriculum. The 1st edition must be submitted prior to the start of the course, the improved edition must be submitted two weeks after the last lesson.
If this assignment is assessed as sufficient, the student receives the certificate NVC Introduction Course on Packaging.


The ICP teachers are bilingual (Dutch and English), the teaching material is in English and the lessons are basically given in easily accessible English.



NVC members pay €1.885,00. Non-members pay €2.410,00. For more information about the NVC membership, please click here.

Fees include coffee/tea, lunch and course materials, excluding VAT, travel and accommodation expenses.

More information?

Do you have questions and/or would you like to receive more information, please contact us. We can also go through the list of references. We can be reached via education@nvc.nl or +31-(0)182-512411.