NVC Course Packaging Technology for Auditors (Live Online)

The course

After completing this course (4 online sessions) you will have adequate insight in the manufacturing of packaging materials and the related risks. It also gives insight in risks associated with the packing process.

The course language is business English and is globally accessible; you can participate from any place you wish (without any travel costs). All you need to attend the sessions are a computer, headset, adequate internet connection and the possibility/permission to connect to the system we use for our online learning modules.
The course is provided by a live tutor, located in the NVC studio. Your live tutor will answer all your questions during the sessions or afterwards.

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More information?
Do you have questions and/or would you like to receive more information, please contact us. We can also go through the list of references. We can be reached via education@nvc.nl or +31-(0)182-512411.

For whom?

Auditors who are working with standards in food packaging and hygiene (i.a. ISO TS 22002-4) and who do not have a qualification in packaging.



The course programme consists of:
1. Preparation by studying textbook
2. Online educational lessons taught by the NVC-tutor
3. Full examination by written assignment.

The content of the lessons is:
• World of packaging
• Functionality of packaging and product vulnerabilities
• Packaging legislation
• Standards and Regulations
• Manufacturing of packaging materials (paper and board, plastics, metal, glass, wood)
• Properties of packaging materials
• Packaging materials related to hazards in the manufacturing process and packing process
• Printing processes, printing inks and hazards
• Testing of packaging materials
• Packaging recycling related to hazards
• Packaging design process
• The auditing process


The exam consists of an extensive written assignment encompassing at least 1.500 words. The assignment is based on a packed product of the participant’s own choice and must take into account both primary and secondary packaging.


The course consists of four separate consecutive three-hour online training sessions with live tutors including a final assignment.

Starting date

04 Sep 2023

NVC Course Packaging Technology for Auditors (Live Online)

Lessons on: 4, 11, 18 and 25 September 2023 from 01:00 PM to 04:00 PM CEST (Paris Time Scale)
Costs NVC members: € 1.245,00 Costs non-members: € 1.245,00
13 Nov 2023

NVC Course Packaging Technology for Auditors (Live Online)

Lessons on: 13, 20, 27 November and on 4 December 2023 from 01:00 PM to 04:00 PM CET (Paris Time Scale)
Costs NVC members: € 1.245,00 Costs non-members: € 1.245,00


This course meets the requirements of the FSSC and is recognised by the World Packaging Organisation.


NVC members pay €1.245,00. Non-NVC members pay €1.245,00*.

Course costs include online lessons (12 hours), one exam, textbook, hand-outs and access to the NVC online learning environment www.learningatNVC.nl, but do not include VAT.