GenAI for printing and labelling of medicine packaging (Live Hybrid)

NVC Seminar
Live Hybrid from the NVC Auditorium in Gouda, the Netherlands
Tuesday 6 August 2024

By Lucie Marquette (ISIP-Institut supérieur d'Ingenierie Packaging, NVC Packaging Centre) with an introduction by Michael Nieuwesteeg (director NVC Packaging Centre and project lead NVC project Pharmaceutical Packaging Innovation)

Lucie Marquette


Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) basically creates numerous new opportunities in the pharmaceutical field, such as faster packaging design, optimised logistics, improved understanding of patient information, and many more. Patient, society and industry could therefore benefit greatly.

But there are also risks. What are the consequences if GenAI leads to errors in therapy?
Will GenAI make it much easier to market fake drugs?

Lucie Marquette today presents the results of her research project, conducted at the NVC Packaging Centre as part of the NVC Pharmaceutical Packaging Innovation project. You are welcome in the NVC Auditorium but can also participate 100% interactively online from any location worldwide.

The meeting is primarily intended for contacts at NVC member companies. Other professionals may also be welcome, but are kindly requested to consult the NVC association office in sync with their registration via or phone +31-(0)182-512411.