NVC Course Programme in Packaging II - upper management (Classroom and company visits)

The course

Upon completing this course programme, you will be capable of fulfilling a proactive and supervisory role in packaging projects. You will be capable of initiating, developing and implementing packaging processes.

During the course programme, you will work on assignments and cases in order to further develop your skills. On special analysis days, you will analyse issues in the area of marketing, operations, packaging and the packaging process within selected businesses. Reporting your findings to top-level management is also part of the course programme.

Through the NVC online learning environment (learningatnvc.nl) you always have online access to the educational materials, the schedule of the lessons in the course programme and instructions for preparation and exercises. This enables you to study wherever and whenever you like before, during and in between the lessons. During the course programme you can also contact your NVC contact person for your questions.

The language of this course programme is business English. Educational materials, exercises and the lessons are in English.

More information?
Do you have questions and/or would you like to receive more information, please contact us. We can also go through the list of references. We can be reached via education@nvc.nl or +31-(0)182-512411.


For whom?

The NVC Course Programme in Packaging II has been designed for employees in upper management who (will) carry responsibility for the management of (projects for) the manufacturing of packaging (materials) and/or the packaging of products and/or the distribution and/or marketing of packaged products.

This requires employees with advanced skills, demonstrating thorough packaging knowledge and innovative capabilities, who can solve complex and unpredictable packaging challenges.

Business students include supply chain managers, quality assurance managers, packaging technologists, packaging managers, product developers, packaging innovation managers, procurement managers and account managers all over Europe.

Over 250 students have concluded this course programme. Please contact us if you want to go through the list of references with us. You can reach us via education@nvc.nl or +31-(0)182-512411.


Market-product packaging combinations (2 days)
The impact of products on the choice of packaging material and the impact of packaging materials on products plays a crucial role in managing packaging projects. You gain insight into the various players in the packaging process and into the requirements for packaging throughout the entire supply chain of packaged products.

These subjects will be taught in the following lessons:

  • Introduction market-product packaging combination (1 day)
  • Specifications (1 day)

Packaging processes (11,5 days)
Various elements such as legislation, characteristics of materials and functionalities of packaging come together in these lessons and provide insight into the integral process of packaging. Packaging machines, dosing and closing processes are discussed, and afterwards you are familiar with packaging lines and you know what machines to use for which purpose.

These subjects are taught in the following lessons:

  • Quality and statistics (1 day)
  • Measurement systems and analytics (1 day)
  • Design of experiment (1 day)
  • Lean Manufacturing (1 day)
  • Packaging machinery (7 days)
  • Coding technologies (0,5 day)

Marketing and Business Administration (17 days)
In addition to technical aspects, the management of packaging projects addresses managerial questions that effect the added value of packaging and cost savings throughout the supply chain of packaged products. Knowledge on elements such as design from a chain perspective, purchasing, the market of packaged products and its specific characteristics, positioning of brands or products, preparation of marketing plans and managing of result-oriented partnerships will give insight and show how to approach packaging projects on a sustainable and cost-saving manner.

These subjects are taught in the following lessons:

  • Supply chain of packaged foodproducts (2 days)
  • Basics microeconomics (1 day)
  • Introduction business management (1 day)
  • Project Planning/management (1 day)
  • Supply chain management (1 day)
  • Marketing (2,5 days)
  • Operations (2,5 days)
  • Communication (3 days)
  • Cost price (1 day)
  • Procurement (1 day)
  • Packaging for webretail (1 day)

Analysis (9 days)
To convert the theoretical knowledge into practice, this part of the programme provides the opportunity to analyse and optimise real life situations. Aspects such as market and marketing, operations, product packaging combinations and packaging processes are examined accurately. The aim is to determine and optimise market examples of packaging processes at an operational level.

These subjects are taught in the following lessons:

  • Introduction analysis days (1 day)
  • Analysis days (5 days)
  • Presentation days (3 days)

Logistics (2 days)
Logistics plays an important role in the supply chain of packaged products when it comes to determining provisioning, production, distribution and supply. The understanding of these aspects will lead to cost savings and efficiency.

These subjects are taught in the following lessons:

  • Logistics (2 days)

Legislation and regulations (2,5 days)
Specific laws, regulations and directives are applicable in the supply chain of packaged products. These implicate consequences for e.g. transportation, marketing and storage of packaged products. The education programme focusses on dealing with and complying to these laws and regulations, including labelling requirements and the Essential Requirements.

These subjects are taught in the following lessons:

  • Legislation and regulations: ADR, REACH, CLP, pharma packaging legislation, HACCP, Food contact materials, environment, labelling (2,5 days)

Design (3 days)
Functionalities of packaging and the vulnerabilities of products are strongly influenced by packaging design. In addition, taking environmental considerations into account, it is important to use as little material as required and to reuse materials if possible or to assure energy recovery. This part of the programme focusses on design methods and packaging design.

These subjects are taught in the following lessons:

  • Creative techniques (0,5 day)
  • Design methodologies (2,5 days)

Exam training (1 day)
During the last day of the course programme students will be prepared for the exam with class room assignments, examples of exam questions and questions of students.

For more information about the programme, please contact Oscar Faber.


Tutors and education team

Our tutors are professionally active in the specific packaging fields of the course programme, which enables all the newest issues and developments to be quickly incorporated into the lessons. You will be guided by the tutors during the lessons, they know your business and create connections between theory and your business cases.

Throughout the course programme, you will receive guidance from your mentor, Prof. Roland ten Klooster, who also holds the NVC Chair Packaging Design and Management. He will continuously monitor your progress, maintain contact, and where necessary, make adjustments to your training process.

For all your questions before and during the course programme, you can contact our education team:

Oscar Faber
Individual study advice

Irma Walstra
Education support



The NVC Course Programme in Packaging II concludes with an exam. This exam is organised by the independent Stichting NVC Examens.

Upon passing the exam, you will receive the diploma NVC Packaging Professional II. Graduates will be included in the international Register of NVC Packaging Professionals. For more information about this Register, please contact Oscar Faber.


The course programme consists of 48 days over a twenty-months period of time. The lessons, company visits and analysis days are scheduled in blocks of three consecutive days per month.
Time table on Wednessdays and Thursdays from 09:30AM until 4:00PM and on Fridays from 8:30AM until 3:00PM.

International students can make use of the NVC full-service arrangement. Hotel, dinner and transfer to and from the locations and company visits are included in this arrangement. For more information, please contact the NVC association office.

More information?

Do you have questions and/or would you like to receive more information, please contact us. We can be reached via education@nvc.nl or +31-(0)182-512411.

You can also join the free online information meeting about the NVC Course Programmes in Packaging I and II. Click here for more information about this meeting.