Waste Free Oceans project lands in Portugal

30 March 2012

The European Waste Free Oceans (EWFO) project, which collects and recycles floating plastics marine debris, was officially launched in Portugal the 28 March.
The Waste Free Oceans Foundation will launch the first demonstration of floating litter collection in Porto, Portugal, in collaboration with Lipor (Intermunicipal Waste Management of Greater Porto) and APIP (The Portuguese Plastic Industry Association).
Alexandre Dangis, president of the foundation, said in a statement: “WFO has achieved great success during 2011 in other countries across Europe. Now it is time for Portugal. Our Foundation is convinced that this initiative will be a great step forward towards the floating debris collection in Portugal waters bringing it back to landfill for recycling purposes. It is a fantastic solution”. Similar projects were launched in France, Belgium and Spain in 2011 (European Plastics News, 28 March 2012).