Unique one-day course shows pathway towards sustainable innovation in packaging

28 March 2012

How to combine sustainable development and packaging innovation effectively? A pragmatic answer to this question will be shared on April 25th in London with the participants of the unique NVC-PEC one-day European Course Sustainable Innovation in Packaging.
Packaging is temporarily integrating an external function and a product to enable the use of the product. Innovation in the packaging of products is essential for European retailers, manufacturers and importers of packaged products and packaging suppliers to optimise sales and minimise the cost of the supply chain.
Sustainable development addresses the economic, environmental and social aspects of packaged products. The NVC-PEC one-day course provides the right innovation strategy for individual companies (both multinationals, but SME’s in particular) and gives you information on the most recent developments in European environmental and other relevant legislation. The upcoming ISO world standards on packaging and environment, expected to be published by January 2013, will be discussed as well (NVC Press Release, 28 March 2012).