Sustainability a key factor for consumers, survey finds

28 November 2012

Two thirds of consumers in 6 countries recognize the need to consume less and purchase products that are good for the environment and society, according to an online survey.
The Regeneration Consumer Study surveyed 6,224 consumers across Brazil, China, India, Germany, the UK and the US. The study is part of The Regeneration Roadmap, an initiative designed to advance sustainable development in the private sector.
Consumers in developing markets such as Brazil, China and India are particularly inclined towards sustainable consumption, according to the survey. For example, 51% of consumers in developing markets report purchasing products because of environmental and social benefits, compared to just 22% of their counterparts in developed nations, such as Germany, the UK and the US. Consumers in developing countries also are more than twice as willing to pay more for sustainable products (60% compared to 26%), the survey said (Environmental Leader Daily, 27 November 2012).