Retail ready packaging market is forecast to reach $63.4 billion by 2017

17 October 2012

Retail ready packaging (RRP) demand amounted to 27 million tonnes of material in 2011, worth over $54 billion, and is expected to reach $63.4 billion and 32.1 million tonnes by 2017, according to a new study by Smithers Pira.
RRP is a high growth sector of the overall packaging market, having been adopted in the UK and Europe around 2005 and now spreading across the globe. The most popular type of RRP is corrugated board, which accounts for three-quarters of the total volume of materials used in 2011. Within this, die-cut display containers are the predominant choice, making up more than half the market, with decline-wrapped trays constituting 17% of demand and modified cases the remaining 5%.
The major driver of growth in demand for RRP will be the burgeoning development of supermarkets, especially in under-developed economic regions. The on-going formalisation of the retail supply chain in countries such as China, India and Brazil, as well as parts of Africa and South America, will provide the stimulus to maintain growth in demand for RRP, whilst preventing any marked decline in demand from other regions. Russia is also showing high growth (News Item Smithers PIRA, 15 October 2012).