NVC working group drives university research in WRP

28 September 2015

The speed at which developments in packaging for e-commerce occur may result in an underdeveloped fundamental knowledge on the matter itself, thus potentially negatively influencing the sustained growth of this sector. To combat this potential threat, universities must be invigorated, on a global scale, to research the matter. This is the conclusion of the NVC’s annual international working group meeting.
The working group also supported the development of the NVC E-Course Packaging for E-commerce for business professionals. In four online sessions the course gives an excellent insight into the importance of packaging for successful e-commerce business (Press Release NVC, 25 September 2015).
Click here for the press release.
Click here for more information on the NVC innovation project Web Retail Packaging.
Click here for more information on the NVC E-course Packaging for E-commerce. The next group starts on November 9th, 2015.
Click here for the NVC Position Paper ‘Packaging as driver for the sustained future of e-commerce’ (417 kB).

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