NL: Less consumers distrust sustainability claims

28 September 2015

A growing number of Dutch consumers believes that their sustainable purchasing behaviour actually makes a difference. More than four out of ten consumers consider sustainability aspects to be important when purchasing a product or service. 30% believes that their purchasing behaviour can move companies towards more sustainability. After years of increasing scepticism towards sustainability claims, a decline is now visible. These are some of the conclusions of consumer study Dossier Sustainable 2015 (Dossier Duurzaam 2015).
Between 2008 and 2014 the number of consumers that distrusted sustainability claims rose from 30% to 48%. 2015 shows a decline to 42% (Press Release GfK, 11 September 2015).
Click here for the press release (in Dutch).
Click here for an infographic about the study (6.09 MB, in Dutch).

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