Nestlé study shows modern life is changing Germans’ eating habits

16 February 2012

Eating ‘on-the-go’ has increased significantly in recent years. The unpredictability of the average German’s daily routine is having a significant impact on their eating habits, according to a Nestlé study. The survey asked more than 10,000 people about their day-to-day life and dietary patterns. Work was an obvious influence on people’s eating habits. Surprisingly, longer working hours affected women’s eating patterns more than men’s. Overall, the study found a striking disparity between the sexes’ general attitude to food. The study also confirmed that options for eating out or ‘on-the-go’ have increased significantly in recent years. The ‘So is(s)t Deutschland’ study is the largest and most comprehensive examination of people’s eating habits ever conducted in Germany (Nestlé News, 13 February 2012).