Marketing, sales and consumer behaviour – June 2021

28 June 2021

Impact of packaging on consumer behaviour
For the 16th time IFIC surveyed Americans to understand their perceptions, beliefs and behaviours around food and food purchasing decisions. You can download the 2021 Food and Health Survey after filling in your details.
IRI® has published a new white paper, "Understand Me, Don't Define Me" on how Gen Z shops. Gen Z is a new, powerful generation of shoppers that accounts for 20% of all US consumers. According to IRI®, Gen Z is drawn in by the visual aspects of products and their merchandising. They are keenly aware of product packaging and the messages it sends. You can download the white paper after filling in your details.
In an article (1.48 MB) published in SciELO, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro researchers analyse gender-representative toy packaging for children over three years of age in Brazil.

Consumer and sustainability
Research (190 kB) by the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) reveals that the COVID-19 pandemic has elevated consumers' focus on sustainability. IBV research conducted in 2019 revealed that 57% of global consumers were willing to pay more for recycled products and the use of recycled materials in packaging and/or product manufacturing. The new research shows this trend is on the upswing.

Beverage packaging
PMMI has published a white paper with the title ‘2021 Beverage Trends Driving Change.’ Consumers are more often looking for beverage products that provide added functionality to their lives, enhance their overall health, and are available in convenient formats for hassle-free consumption. In addition, consumers are increasingly concerned about the sustainability of beverage packaging. You can download the whitepaper after filling in your e-mail address.
In an article (484 kB) published in Beverages, University of Florida researchers study the impact of the packaging type on the flavour of wine. The packaging types include glass bottles, PET bottles, bag-in-box, aluminium cans and Tetra Pak.

Print machinery market
According to Smithers, COVID-19 has had a major impact on the print machinery market, with the market falling by 2.4% in 2020 when compared to 2019. An infographic that you can download after filling in your details, gives key industry trends expected to impact this market over the next five years. You can also find more market information in a recent Smithers article.

Prices for plastics and wood
Dutch trade magazine Vraag en Aanbod publishes a weekly overview of the prices for plastics (in Dutch). The prices given are estimated averages between the gross prices published in the trade journals and the net prices.
EPAL reports that the shortage in pallet wood is has led to some delays in supply, and is pushing up the prices. EPV (in Dutch) reports that the price of wood worldwide has never been as high as it is at this moment.

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