NL: ILT Long-range plan – integral and specific inspection

29 April 2015

The Dutch Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) has published its Long-range plan 2015-2019. In this plan ILT indicates what it will be focusing on these coming years.
New is the combination of integral and specific inspection on dangerous goods. This is beneficial for companies, because the inspectorate only needs to visit them once for all covered aspects. The advantage for the inspectorate is getting a broader view of the compliance behaviour of the company. Now the focus on the inspection is mainly on object inspections and company visits. In the Long-range plan, ILT also gives an overview of the rate of compliance with the various laws (Gevaarlijke Lading, 20 March 2015).
Click here for the news item of Gevaarlijke Lading (in Dutch).
Click here to download the Long-range plan (in Dutch, 4.1 MB).

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