HRM and skills development – February 2021

01 March 2021

Digital learning in a post-COVID economy
An evidence review report (798 kB) by the UK-based Institute of Employment Studies analyses the trends in digital and online learning within adult vocational education and in the workplace. Digital learning is defined as ‘learning that’s facilitated, enabled or mediated using electronic technology for the explicit purpose of training, learning or development’. Data on the usage and incidence of digital learning suggests its prevalence in the workplace has steadily increased, used by over half (57%) of organisations in 2020 (pre-COVID), compared with 29% in 2015.

Open-source e-learning platform on food packaging
FPF reports that in December 2020, the FitNESS project that is part of the EU’s Erasmus+ program finalised a collaborative open-source e-learning platform on all aspects of food packaging. The tool covers functions, materials, systems, and processes as well as regulations to advanced applications and designs of food packaging. The online platform offers a large variety of interactive online courses, webinars, quizzes, and case studies. The basis are 85 open access lectures on general as well as specialised topics that will be updated regularly by academic experts.

European Charter for Robots and Humans
In January 2021, the European Engineering Industries Association (EUnited) launched the “European Charter for Robots and Humans Working Together”. The document (21.04 MB) defines ten focus areas to shape the future of work. The charter supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030. Focus areas include how to deal with skills development, human-robot collaboration, the ease of machine use, initiatives for young people and strategies tackling demographic change.

7 Myths on the hybrid future of work
Gartner has published an e-book addressing the way hybrid work (at the office and at home or from any other location) can be effective and which seven ‘myths’ should be challenged for this to become true. Gartner urges you to download their e-book “to learn how to build a more adaptable and resilient organization, poised to drive business results in a rapidly changing environment.” You can download the e-book after filling in your e-mail address.

Challenges of international human resource management
Allianz has published an overview of the challenges that HR professionals have been confronted with since 2019. Of course remote working is one, however also important were the positioning of HR within the organisation, encouraging feedback, solving communication problems between HR and expats, nurturing diversity in the workplace, dispelling the gender ambition gap myth and – of course, as the report is by Allianz: international health insurance.

6% of Dutch go for online education in 2021
A survey by Multiscope (in Dutch) shows that 6% of the Dutch (around 850,000 people) have set their mind on enrolling in an online workshop or course in the coming year, at an average cost of €1290,- Scaled up to the European Union these figures would reflect a €20 billion/year online learning market.

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