HRM and skills development – August 2021

30 August 2021

Live hybrid learning systematically examined
An overview publication on online education by dr. Annelies Raes (A systematic literature review on synchronous hybrid learning: gaps identified) was awarded best Learning Environments Research article by the American Educational Research Association AERA (see Twitter announcement here). One of the key findings is that synchronous hybrid learning can, in principle, create a more flexible, engaging learning environment than fully online or fully on-site education. Yet such a new learning environment has several pedagogical and technological challenges. Click here for the abstract of the publication.

IoPP salary survey 2021: business as usual, also in COVID year
The annual salary survey by IoPP has the interesting result that COVID appears to have had relatively little impact on the job security and pay of packaging professionals in the United States. Of the 828 respondents, only 51 cited COVID as their biggest concern regarding job security. Salaries also continued to increase; about +5% on average with +8% for engineers and +13% for corporate management positions. Click here for more information.

White Paper calls for training efforts for skills-based labour market
Research institute TNO (in Dutch) states in a white paper (in Dutch, 5.23 MB) that employers in the Netherlands have to spend at least 6 billion Euros per year on retraining and extra training at work if they want to make optimal use of the people available and of the possibilities of new technology. This will involve increasing the digital skills of three million people (estimated cost: 4 billion Euros) and just under half a million professional specialists who will need to keep their skills and knowledge up to date (estimated cost: 2 billion Euros).

How will the employee-employer relationship evolve?
Deloitte asks this question in an extensive report The worker-employer relationship disrupted - If we're not a family, what are we? (2.83 MB) based on an extensive survey of employee and employers. About 40% of employees considered changing employers in the past year, nearly 90% of managers thought employees would gain more independence in their work.

Past and future of education technology
Coaching and career counselling organization Ezra has published an interesting timeline in the field of educational technology (The past and future of learning technology). The publication starts with the first "automatic teacher" in the year 1924 and the various teacher-computers in the years that followed. The advent of the internet made it possible to connect large numbers of students with learning materials and instructors on a large scale and later simultaneously through what are known as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). What will the future bring? Virtual or Augmented Reality is mentioned as an additional technology. But perhaps even more important will be combating ‘Zoom Fatigue’ by actually allowing live interaction with the tutor and among the students themselves. You can download the publication after filling in your details.

NVC seminar Sustainable employability in the packaging industry
On 24 June 2021, the NVC seminar Sustainable employability of employees in the packaging industry took place. Core theme: how do we ensure that the required skills, knowledge, ability and motivation of the workforce continue to meet the changes imposed by the market? We also analysed the adaptation of positions and the facilitation of development programs in the field of packaging. Click here for the presentations.

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