foodwatch: packaging source of mineral oils in food

29 October 2015

Laboratory research, commissioned by foodwatch, shows that pasta’s, rice, cornflakes and other food products are contaminated with mineral oils. Out of the 120 products that were bought in Dutch, German and French stores, 51 products (43%) contain the so called aromatic hydrocarbons from mineral oils (MOAH). MOAH may act as genotoxic carcinogens (that is they may damage DNA, the genetic material of cells, as well as cause cancer).
Foodwatch has asked the European Commission to develop legislation with a requirement for the use of functional barriers, and to set limits for the contamination of food with mineral oils and other harmful substances (Press release foodwatch, 27 October 2015).
Click here for the press release of foodwatch (in Dutch).
Click here for the research report (in Dutch, 1.8 MB).
Click here for the background information on the report (in Dutch, 176 kB).
Click here for more information about the online NVC E-Workshop Food Contact Materials Legislation.

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