Financing for SME’s in Europe through crowdfunding

30 June 2015

Access to capital is critical for start-ups and SME’s. They are the drivers of growth in the economy. An article, written by Karen Wilson, 27 May 2015, describes ten action points, to unlock barriers to finance and improve liquidity for these businesses. Addressed is the need of both diverse and resilient financial market approaches, diversified and incentivized funding sources, like crowdfunding (CF), and progress in regulatory fragmentation and legal barriers across borders in the EU.
In January 2015 a study was published analysing the financial landscape of CF ability to support innovation. CF is being addressed by the NVC, as it may unlock considerable potential for packaging innovations.
Click here to read the article by Karen Wilson.
Click here to download the EU report on the financial landscape of crowdfunding (2.04 MB).
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