FDA unveils rules for food and cosmetic packs containing nanoparticles

26 April 2012

US regulators are proposing that food companies that want to use tiny engineered particles in their packaging will have to provide extra testing data to show the products are safe. The US-based Food and Drug Administration has issued tentative guidelines for food and cosmetic companies interested in using nanoparticles, which are measured in billionths of a meter. Nanoscale materials are generally less than 100 nanometres in diameter. The draft guidance suggests the FDA will require food companies to prove the safety of any packaging using nanotechnology.
Under longstanding regulations, companies are not required to seek regulatory approval before launching products containing established ingredients and materials, such as caffeine, spices and various preservatives. However, FDA officials said that foods and packaging containing nanoparticles would require more scrutiny. The FDA will take comments on the proposal for 90 days (PackagingNews, 25 April 2012).