E-Course Packaging for E-commerce – Now online!

31 August 2015

On the 9th of November, the NVC E-course Packaging for E-commerce will commence. In four separate sessions of 3 hours each, NVC provides the opportunity to learn about packaging design, brand experience, smart logistics, and packaging for e-commerce in practice. This is an online course, and therefor available from any place with adequate internet. The E-course content is on both packaging for food and for non-food products. The former is part of the MSc. Thesis of Remi Vandichel, who will be receiving his diploma in Paris on the 4th of September. Also part of the NVC innovation project is an informal network get-together on the 24th of September in the Euromast in Rotterdam (members-only).
Click here for more information about the online NVC Course on Packaging for E-commerce.
Click here for the MSc thesis by Rémi Vandichel and Silvia D’Alesio (3.85 MB).
Click here for more information about the NVC innovation project Web Retail Packaging.
Click here to register for the network event in Rotterdam.

If you have any questions about this subject, please contact us: info@nvc.nl, +31-(0)182-512411. This item is also included in our monthly overview, the NVC Members-only Update.