APR releases study on PET recyclate contamination from shrink wrap labels

19 March 2012

The US-based Association of Postconsumer Plastics Recyclers has released a study on "recycling issues caused by the growing use of shrink sleeve labels on PET containers." The study was consulted by an independent testing lab, Plastics Forming Enterprises, LLC.
"We have known for quite some time that shrink sleeve labels on PET bottles are a significant problem to the effective growth and stability for the recycling of postconsumer PET containers," said Steve Navedo, the Chairman of APR. "In our opinion, this study clarifies the reality that recyclers confront when trying to effectively recycle PET containers with shrink sleeve labels, and helps to explain why many recyclers are compelled to remove these bottles from their processing stream when these bottles are detected.”(Recycling Laws International, 16 March 2012).