NVC supports HAS Green Academy students in Sustainable Packaging Day

21 June 2023 1-5 PM CEST
City Hall of the city of Oss

Wednesday 21 June 2023 will see the 4th edition of the Sustainable Packaging Day in the city of Oss. Driving force are students from the HAS Green Academy in Den Bosch. This year's theme is 'ALL-IN' and NVC is particularly supporting the students in their inspiring approach.

The Day starts at 1 PM CEST and, in addition to other programme elements, includes high-profile presentations by four different groups of HAS Green Academy students. Among other things, they studied greenwashing, innovative packaging and the legislation addressing coatings on cardboard.

All insights will come up for discussion in a public table discussion, where the audience will be explicitly involved and where NVC director Michael Nieuwesteeg will also be present. He will bring to the table the insights from the PUMA Project, which aims to end packaging as an environmental issue in Oss, in the Netherlands, in Europe and worldwide.

At 5 PM CEST the Day will conclude with a joint 'ALL-IN' networking reception.

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