NVC Special 2021 published: sharing trends and topics in packaging

The annual print-edition of the NVC Special was published on 15 January 2021. With this 'yearbook' we share information about and our vision on current international trends in packaging. Specifically, we provide an overview of the NVC activities in a wide range of subjects, including Accelerate (automation and application of Big Data), the winners of packaging innovation contest De Gouden Noot 2020, the PUMA Manifesto to end packaging as an environmental issue worldwide, packaging for omni-channel retail and effective learning during and after the COVID pandemic.

The NVC Special is bilingual (English and Dutch) and is distributed amongst 2,500 specially selected retailers, packaging buyers and packaging suppliers in Europe (and of course all NVC member companies).

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Click here for more information about the NVC Special 2022 that will be published on 14 January 2022.