NVC General Meeting of Members 2023 Creativity Unpacked!

How is AI going to change the packaging world?

30 November 2023

Association NVC was founded on 28 April 1953 and so at the next General Meeting of Members (GMM), on Thursday 30 November 2023, we will celebrate our 70th anniversary. The GMM combines two consecutive meetings: the Statutory Meeting and the Thematic Meeting.

The Statutory Meeting - Members Only (Live Hybrid from 1-2 PM CET)
This includes the 2023 Annual Report, changes of the Board and the 2024 Budget.


The Thematic Meeting: Creativity Unpacked! (Live Hybrid from 3-5.30 PM CET)
The Thematic Meeting will start at 3 PM sharp. At the centre is the factor that every business and packaging professional absolutely needs in the coming year: Creativity. In doing so, we will make use of the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence.

We start with a unique keynote lecture by prof. Inald Lagendijk and prof. Stefan Leijnen, probing into the future of Artificial Intelligence in The Netherlands and worldwide.

Subsequently you may choose from three parallel workshops, where we are going to apply AI together:

① The Black Friday campaign of the year 2024
② The pharmaceutical packing-filling line of the future
③ The new business course Printing of food packaging

The Thematic Meeting is of course open for all NVC member companies, but interested non-members are also welcome after consultation with the NVC association office (in that case, please contact info@nvc.nl )

The After-party (off-line from 5.30-7 PM CET)
Informal talks with each other, while enjoying a range of tasty drinks and snacks.

Where and how to join?
Both the Statutory Meeting and the Thematic Meeting follow the proven interactive NVC Live Hybrid method. You can participate together with other NVC members at the Best Western Hotel in Gouda nearby the NVC association office, but you can also actively participate live online from any other location. The After-party will be off-line. There are no costs involved.