NVC General Meeting of Members 2019

NVC was founded in 1953, so in 2019 we are celebrating our 66th anniversary. The General Meeting of Members (GMM) 2019 takes place on Thursday 28 November in the original famous research laboratory of Royal Philips, which is now transformed in a vibrant meeting point for design, art and technology: Natlab in Eindhoven (NL).

Like every year, the GMM combines two consecutive events at the same location: the Members-only meeting and the Open access meeting. You can find the programme here.

Statutory meeting, Packaging and environment (PUMA)

This part of the meeting includes the Statutory Meeting (annual report, changes of the board, budget 2020) and presentation of results from the many NVC activities over the year 2019. After the break we will focus on the NVC project PUMA: Working together to the end of packaging as an environmental issue.
The members-only meeting starts at 2 PM and ends with an informal networking event.

Design for Intended Use (DIU)

The open access meeting starts at 17.30 PM and is fully dedicated to Design for Intended Use (DIU) as a source of inspiration for packaging development and design. We are doing this together with study association Industrial Design S.G. Daedalus students from the NVC Chair of Packaging Design and Management at the University of Twente. After a keynote lecture by Philips Design, we give an overview of the DIU results so far and highlight the areas where DIU can make a difference in the future. Thought-provoking packages will be on display to be discussed as well.
As with every GMM, there will be ample opportunity to meet informally during the joint buffet dinner (a contribution of €65.- is asked to cover the direct cost and to prevent food waste).

 Do You Do DIU Too?

If you would like to demonstrate your DIU ideas or would like to receive more information, please send an e-mail to info@nvc.nl. You can also call our association office at +31-(0)182-512411.