Finalist De Gouden Noot 2016 - SmartMix Pro

A small burstable pouch with concentrated liquid that is contained in a larger 4L pouch. This larger pouch is filled with water and the concentrate is released from the burstpouch by squeezing it and releasing the concentrated into the water to create a ready-to-use cleaning product for glass cleaning, floor cleaning etc.

The pack contains various packaging innovations:
- use of a patented burstable membrane technology
- created a pocket high up in the pouch that contains the burstable pouch for ease of squeezing
- low volume waste pack after use of 4L ready-to-use product
- the trigger bottle that is filled does not need to be thrown away with this 4L refill pouch

It is an innovation because it brings the above elements together. It is the first safe refill pouch for concentrated product. This innovation solves the issue that in many cases concentrated products are presented unsafely to the customer, since the customer can get in contact with the concentrate. In this case the customer cannot get exposed to the concentrate. In addition, the packs are packed in a flat box, which makes easy distribution to small site customers easy and cost-effective.

Registrant: Sealed Air – Diversey Care

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