Winner Zilveren Noot (Silver) 2016 - Ecobulk HX IBC

The ECOBULK HX with the SCHÜTZ Impeller system is a combined IBC comprising a closed packaging system with an Impeller which enables repeated stirring processes without having to open the packaging. Used in combination with the administration-free collection system, the HX guarantees the highest filling product quality and safety by eliminating contamination risks in the supply chain. Conclusion: THE alternative for commonly-used Heavy-duty and Steel IBCs.

The ECOBULK HX features an inner bottle with sloped base and a low-lying outlet valve which together provide almost complete residual emptying, even for viscous media. Additionally, the special geometry of the bottom plate gives excellent stirring results even with residual quantities of around 50 litres. All of these characteristics open up a whole range of new applications for the HX, e.g. as a packaging for the high quality coatings that are used in the automotive industry. Even the smallest impurity in the coating process can cause craters or coating errors that are very expensive to rectify. A brand new, single-use inner bottle provides a far higher degree of protection against impurities – and particularly so because no silicones or lubricants are used either in production or assembly – than the commonly used stainless steel systems where there is always the risk of product remnants despite thorough washing. Many coatings need to be stirred prior to application, and this is a further potential source of contamination as the agitators are often used to stir a variety of different products. The Impeller system rules out this risk of contamination. The component, which is made of HDPE, is fixed to the special screw cap and can be attached to a conventional agitator drive with ease. This avoids the need to insert and clean external stirrers.

Registrant: Schütz Benelux B.V.

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