NVC seminar Trends in Japanese packaging

This unique seminar focuses on discovering and understanding packaging developments in Japan, inspired by the Japanese packaging exhibition TOKYOPACK (2-5 October 2018) and the Ukiro study tour to Japan (and South Korea) by S.G. Daedalus, the study association Industrial Design (4-25 May 2018, supported by the NVC Chair Packaging Design and Management of Twente University). Special speaker is Andrew Streeter, international authority in the field of packaging in Japan with over thirty years of experience in this field.


12.30 Welcome and registration

13.00 OPENING: "Kindness is not (entirely) for others".
          Andrew Streeter, international packaging consultant and Japan packaging authority

          Why Japan is an important packaging society
          Understanding Japan versus Europe
          Three packaging issues that we all have to confront...

14.00 TOKYOPACK revisited: trends spotted during the fair (2-5 October)
          Michael Nieuwesteeg, Director NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre

          Innovations spotted at the Japan Good Packaging Pavilion 2018
          All and more from the Package Design Pavilion
          E-commerce and packaging in Japan

15.00 Short break

15.30 The UKIRO study tour: convenience, sustainability and retail compared
          Study association Industrial Design S.G. Daedalus

          Eyes on convenience packaging
          Eyes on sustainability and packaging
          Eyes on retail packaging

16.30 Round table discussion
          What could Europe learn from Japan and vice versa?

17.30 Conclusions and conclusions
          Optional: joint dinner at the Market of Gouda, 10 minute walk from the NVC Auditorium

The location is the NVC Auditorium in Gouda. The costs for the seminar are €125,- (€195 for non-members). Contact the NVC association office via info@nvc.nl, call +31-(0)182-512411 or click here to register.