NVC Project Innovation in Packaging Print

NVC investigates the opportunities and threats of the printing of packaging together with NVC member companies from the entire supply chain of packaged products. One of these is the rapid development of digital printing of packaging (labels, boxes, films, ...), which enables individualisation and interaction between packaging and consumer. The interaction between packaging and product also continues to gain importance. On Tuesday 8 March 2016 the first meeting of this project took place at the association office in Gouda. Please send an e-mail to Ger Standhardt or call the NVC office (+31-(0)182-512411) for more information. Participation is free of charge and exclusively for NVC members.

Next meeting
On Wednesday 20 September 2017 the participants in the NVC Project Innovation in Packaging Print meet again. This time we will look at possibilities and examples of late stage customisation and we'll dig deeper into the issue of the recycling of printed packaging materials. You can also take part in this meeting.

More information?
For more information, please contact Ger Standhardt via e-mail or +31-(0)182-512411.