Packaging as driver for a superior customer experience

On 20 January, 2016, Rémi Vandichel will deliver an NVC presentation at Webwinkel Vakdagen addressing how better packaging may lead to the ultimate customer experience. In 30 minutes (10.30-11.00 AM) the relevant packaging solutions and trends in e-commerce will be discussed. Of course the new Dutch legislation on plastic shopping bags is also on the agenda. What are the implications for e-commerce? The Webwinkel Vakdagen will take place 20-21 January 2016 in Jaarbeurs, Utrecht. This year's event is based on the topics of customer service, retention, cross-border and omnichannel.
For questions about the NVC presentation, please contact us: or +31-(0)182-512411.

What are the implications of the new Dutch plastic shopping bag legislation for e-commerce?

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