Annual meeting 2021 international working group Web Retail Packaging (Live Hybrid)

The NVC international working group Web Retail Packaging will hold its eighth annual meeting on Friday 17 September 2021. The working group includes leading retailers, manufacturers and suppliers of packaging technology that together contribute to the sustainable future of e-commerce worldwide. The meeting is free of charge for NVC members or by invitation. You can participate from any location worldwide and there are a limited number of seats available for physical participation in the NVC Live Hybrid Auditorium in Gouda, The Netherlands. Register directly via the registration button or contact the NVC association office.


1:00 PM CEST         

Welcome and introduction

● Action points resulting from the 7th annual IWG meeting (18 September 2020)

● Review 2020-2021 (actions points, business literature and reports, industry insight)

1:15 PM              

Characterising the packaging challenges for e-commerce
Thomas Regenhardt, HelloFresh SE

2:00 PM              

Defining the opportunities of refillables packaging concepts for the E-commerce
Irene Hesseling, Master student University of Twente

2:45 PM              

Update position paper Web Retail Packaging
Corné Huijben, NVC

3:15 PM              

Debate: How to monitor packaging data for EPR purposes in Retail
Michaël Nieuwesteeg, NVC

3:45 PM             

Workplan 2021-2022

● Action items as a result of the meeting

● Summary and conclusion of the 8th annual meeting

4:00 PM             

Concluding remarks

The NVC Position Paper 'Packaging as driver for the sustained future of e-commerce' was published on 2 October 2014 on the basis of all project activities up to that moment. Click here to download the NVC Position Paper. In 2021 the Position Paper will be updated with the knowledge gathered from the past years.

The insights of the working group also contribute to the Live Online Learning NVC E-Course Packaging for E-commerce. Live Online Learning means: worldwide access, no travel costs and outstanding learning outcomes thanks to live teachers in the interactive online NVC classroom. Click here for information about the NVC E-Course Packaging for E-commerce.

The working group is part of the NVC innovation project Web Retail Packaging where NVC analyses and where necessary, actually influences the global e-commerce developments. Click here for more background information about the NVC innovation project Web Retail Packaging.