Finalist De Gouden Noot 2022 - Temcoat Liner Flow

Temcoat Liner Flow by EPG Industries

The Temcoat Liner Flow is an example of innovation with a clear objective - to improve the conditions in which goods are shipped and reduce cargo damages. A considerable amount of containerised goods is impacted by moisture damage. This not only has a clear economic impact in cargo losses, but it is also important to consider the time spent handling claims, damaged reputation with customers and the environmental aspect of cargo waste.

The innovation is a breathable thermal container that eliminates temperature fluctuations inside the shipping container to reduce condensation damage. To obtain the required properties, a combination of materials is used including an Aluminium foil highly-reflective membrane that reflects up to 97% thermal radiation. These thermal qualities are enhanced by a breathable membrane that facilitates the flow of humid air away from the cargo area to improve the conditions in which the goods are shipped. This breathable membrane also means that the Temcoat Liner Flow can be used in combination with desiccant bags to further reduce the risk of moisture damage. This combination of high-performance characteristics will reduce moisture damage in shipments in which this is a problem even when other methods, such as desiccant bags, are used.

Registrant: EPG Industries

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