Winner Gold De Gouden Noot 2022 - Modified Atmosphere Technology

Modified Atmosphere Technology by Masterpack Group

“It’s the Entropy, stupid!” A core challenge to the packaging world is to keep track of what we are doing: where and when the process of packaging takes place, as well as the consumption and the disposal of the emptied packs. This innovation embarks on using ICT and the appropriate packaging materials to lower the food waste and possibly improve responsible Collect-Control and Backend-processing.

High-quality foodstuffs keep longest under extremely low oxygen levels. This FIBC extends the shelf life from months to years. The innovation consists of a connection 'MA Valve 125' that is sealed into the airtight inner bag. A wireless sensor can be attached to this connection, monitoring oxygen, temperature and humidity.
Previously, the oxygen level was measured with a needle. This required a lot of manual work and brought with it a high risk of contamination because the new liner pricked directly into the product. With the new connection and sensor, measurements are done continuously without having to puncture the FIBC.

Registrants: Masterpack Group and Somsix

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