Finalist De Gouden Noot 2018 - Seepje

The young Dutch entrepreneurs of Seepje produce responsible and ethically sourced liquid detergents: laundry detergents, all-purpose cleaners, and dishwashing detergents. For their key ingredient, the peelings of Sapindus fruits, they are collaborating with farmers in Nepal and India, who take care of harvesting and processing these peelings in a socially responsible way. In Holland Seepje’s team turns the pulverized peelings into a liquid extract, adding some other ‘clean’ ingredients.
The FLEX/design team created an iconic, sustainable packaging solution: a bottle with the archetypical shape of a bar of soap for their new range of liquid detergents. Its rectangular shape with integrated handle ensures an efficient use of material and optimised logistic performance. Its plain design stands out on the shelves, which are filled with a profusion of shapes and colours. Of course, a wink to clean and pure. The bottle is made of Dutch recycled HDPE-plastic and thanks to its design ready for upscaling for major retailers and business abroad.

Registrant: FLEX/design

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