Finalist De Gouden Noot 2018 - E-commerce Ready Detergent Packaging

Today retail is changing fast and e-commerce is becoming more and more relevant, also for Laundry and Homecare products. For that reason, at Henkel, we have set the goal to be E-commerce ready in all our packaging! The challenge was to create a detergent bottle that was “ready for the future”.

We have achieved this goal with a development based on two main pillars: Preventing leakage and avoiding Bottle and Closure breakage. By adding a second component to the cap and spout in a technological sophisticated way, a leakage proof system is created. Breakage was anticipated from a combination of design, material use and processing features, all melting together in a new bottle shape ranging from 1 up to 5 liter.

Registrant: Henkel

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