Finalist De Gouden Noot 2018 - CRTESS CAP

The CRTESS caps stands for Chemical Resistant Tamper Evident Self-Sealing Cap. It is an Innovative Cap for Jerry Cans, Canisters and Bottles. It has an In-built Inner Sealing Layer which is Soft, Flexible and Chemically Resistant. This innovative Sealing Layer is an integral part of the Hard-Outer Plastic Cap thereby giving the Customer a Single Component Solution. The CRTESS cap Provides Self-Sealing because of which, the use of CRTESS cap does away with the need of Secondary Sealing Technology like use of Inner Plug / Bungs and Induction Sealing. The CRTESS cap guarantees 100 % Leak-proof and 100% Odour Lock seal every-time the cap is used / screwed on, even after the 1st use!  The CRTESS cap is designed to provide an easy, safe and sustainable solution to the Manufacturer, Brand Owner and Most Importantly the End User of the Packaged Liquid Products.

Registrant: Mullackal Polymers

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