Winner Zilveren Noot 2018 - Combo Excelsior

Combo Excelsior® is a container which includes many new innovative features like:
- Walls, base and lid are hollow welded skins which give a smooth hygienic design with internal steel reinforcement to give superior strength to volume ratio.
- Design has been optimized using aircraft technology computer aided design techniques to minimize carbon footprint.
- Non-sequential sidewall folding thanks to floating hinges, ergonomic sidewall latches and self locking lid provide easy and safe operation by reducing risk of damage to product or operator thus guaranteeing a longer product life.
- Modular construction allows all individual parts to be easily replaced in the field further extending product life.
- Dimensions optimized to fit road, rail and sea transportation thereby providing a truly universal solution for international and intercontinental liquid transportation.

Registrant: Schoeller Allibert

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