Finalist De Gouden Noot 2014 Tenderpac


By adding the TenderPac vacuum reservoir to the packaging, moisture and remaining gases produced by the product in the vacuum of skin packaging are sucked away from the product and into the reservoir by inducing an automatic vacuum. By removing the moisture and the remaining gases the shelf life of the product is increased considerably. For beef products the increase of the shelf life is at least 30 to 40 days.

The shelf life of various products can be increased by using TenderPac, decreasing the amount of food loss. This way TenderPac contributes in a relevant way to decreasing the amount of food that is thrown away unused. TenderPac has already proven itself in practise at a well-known German retail chain, where food loss and return shipments to the producer were eliminated. On top of that, the consumer experiences the great taste and tenderness of products packed with the TenderPac, especially in the case of beef products. The TenderPac is a welcome addition for high-end products!

Registrants: Ultrapak BV and Naber Plastics BV
For more information please contact Peter Roorda of Ultrapack.

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