Winner Bronzen Noot (Bronze) 2014 - SpRing Latch

SpRing Latch

The SpRing Latch paint can is a revolutionary development of a type of latch ring closure with adaptations in the lid and the can for packaging paint and chemicals, allowing the customer to switch from an unpractical manual closure to an automated system without investing in expensive closure equipment. The latch ring closure is applied vertically in closed configuration. The latch ring closure is equipped with a spring that stretches under influence of the pressure on the ring, making it possible to press it over and then clasp on to the edge of the paint can. With this simple action the packaging is completely sealed, while it can still be opened the usual way without the use of a tool. Thanks to this design it was also possible to decrease the outer diameter of the edge and the paint can; while keeping the volume and height of the can the same, 20% more cans fit on a pallet.

This pioneering innovation is a solution for a problem that has existed in the market for many years for which no suitable solution had been found, until now. Several competing solutions have been launched, but without success - because large investments from the customer are necessary or because the end user does not understand the solution, because it is too complex. The innovation, the SpRing Latch paint can, was created by Ardagh and Plato product consultants in cooperation with customers and suppliers. The advantages of this solution are the ability to automise the process, saving costs, and convenience. On one hand because it simplifies the way the ring is applied to the can and on the other hand because opening and (re)closing by hand has remained just as user friendly. The sustainability was improved as well.

Registrants: Ardagh Group and Plato product consultants
For more information please contact Martin de Olde of Ardagh Group.

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