Finalist De Gouden Noot 2014 Plastic Pool Pallets

Plastic Pool Pallets

A plastic pool pallet for the same pallet trip price as a wooden pool pallet. The pallet trip costs for the retailer will not rise compared to using a wooden pool pallet. However, the producer, retailer and the entire logistic chain do have the advantages of an RFID enabled plastic pallet. With this plastic pool pallet you are finally able to avoid wood splinters, nails, bacteria and process disruptions because of faulty wooden pallets. The pallets are volumetrically identical to the standard wooden pallets and comply with the ISO 8611 pallet standards. Therefore there is no need to adapt the installed logistic equipment, making it possible to phase-in MEPPP plastic pallets next to the existing pool pallets.

With this innovation the pallet has been redesigned after 100 years, according to the current FMCG requirements and with the end users in mind. In order to realise this, product, raw material and production technology have been completely renewed. Until now it was not possible to process plastics of such low quality (post-consumer waste plastics) through injection moulding. With the new patented production processes, combined with cheap raw materials, this offers an economical pallet pool alternative for the entire logistic chain. This pallet can be repaired just like wooden pallets; it consists of parts that can be replaced when necessary.

Registrant: MEPPP BV

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