Finalist De Gouden Noot 2014 Mr. Proper

Mr. Proper Sustainable pack with auto-stop dosing cap

The new pack contains a highly concentrated formula (2.5x) of Hard Surface Cleaners and aims to:
- Provide a smart dosing means (auto-stop) using world’s smallest dosing system in market;
- Be more sustainable: avoid overconsumption of concentrated product through auto-stop cap plus packaging material savings (11000 ton packaging material and 1125 truck transportations for WE only) plus water savings (64% per bottle);
- Better consumers convenience: consumer can control in an easier way the product dosage (PET squeeze bottle + auto-stop cap): 1 squeeze = 1 dose.

Introducing new products that are highly concentrated vs previous products always come with a risk that a consumer could overdose by using previous practices (e.g. pre-measure in beaker cap or direct dosing of product in bucket). The need was to develop a low-cost engine allowing auto-dosing of the product (e.g. always the same pre-measured quantity). Classical systems such as pumps and/or bulky dosing systems are expensive and typically can’t be used effectively on small bottles sizes. This new developed system is affordable and allows accurate dosing of pre-measured quantity. The auto-stop cap uses a sort of timer mechanism activated by a squeeze on the bottle which dispenses the product and at the same time moves a small piston forward that cleanly shuts off the flow when the right dose is reached (one squeeze is one shot). This results in an intuitive better control, always ensuring the right dose.

Registrant: Procter & Gamble

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