Winner Zilveren Noot (Silver) 2014 - Locked4Kids


Locked4Kids is a reclosable carton box designed to prevent young children from gaining access to the content. Adults however should be able to open the box easily. The majority of all medicine is sold in blister strips which are packaged in a carton box. Small children that, in an unguarded moment, get access to such a box are in great danger of getting poisoned by unintentional intake of the content. In the US and Europe 24/7 every 30 seconds a case of medicine poisoning is registered. Per annum more than 800.000 children are rushed to the ER with symptoms of poisoning of which 100.000 children are actually admitted. In Europe alone each year over 5000 children die as a result of poisoning by medicine and household chemicals.

Ecobliss has successfully developed the first reclosable child resistant carton which is certified according the EN 8317 and UN 16 CRG 1700.20 standard for reclosable child resistant packaging. After opening the box, the medicine can only be removed by simultaneously pushing the two tabs on the sides and pulling out the blister that holds the medicine. Locked4Kids has been tested and certified by BVI in Belgium an ISO 17025 certified testing institute. With Locked4Kids the pharmaceutical industry can continue to use carton box packaging for packaging pills and drugs and at the same time act responsibly by using packaging that is much safer for young children. It is our aim to make Locked4Kids carton boxes the new standard in CR packaging for over the counter and prescription drugs. Locked4Kids will prevent numerous accidents and save the lives of many young children.

Registrant: Ecobliss
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