Winner De Gouden Noot 2014 - BeeMagicTray


The BeeMagicTray is a packaging tray suitable for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) whereby traditional moisture absorbers are no longer needed. The BeeMagicTray uses a perforated film placed above the honeycomb base, allowing any excess moisture to pass through the film and to be separated from the packaged product. Because of the perforated film the gas mixture is also in direct contact with the bottom of the packaged product. The moisture is retained through the surface tension in the honeycombs that act as capillaries. It is a breakthrough which makes non food-grade cut traditional moisture absorbers (because of paper and plastic fibres that are released) redundant and it is 100% compliant with the latest European packaging regulation. This concept poses no risk to consumer safety and health. The BeeMagicTray can easily be produced and inserted in the existing production lines of both the packaging manufacturer and the packer/filler.

The concept is composed of 100% mono materials for recyclability. Also, far fewer materials are used than with traditional absorbers, which can no longer be recycled once filled with blood/moisture. The consumer’s health is a central focus; no fibres are released as is the case with the current cut absorbers. The BeeMagicTray improves the quality (lower bacterial count, less moisture loss and less discolouration, reduced acidification, no base imprint), as the gas mixture is also in contact with the underside of the product, which allows the shelf life to be extended. The BeeMagicTray makes a positive contribution to food safety and hygiene.

Registrant: Dampack international bv

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