Trends in packaging innovation at Food Innovation Day 2018 (in Dutch)

On Thursday 25 October 2018, Sdu will organise the first edition of the Food Innovation Day, a day entirely dedicated to the food industry at a unique location, the Inspyrium in Cuijk. All aspects of the food industry will be covered in theme sessions, such as marketing & consumer, processes & procedures and food safety. NVC is partner of the Food Innovation Day because of the important role of packaging in the food industry, now and in the future.
Trends in food packaging innovation: Design for Intended Use

Design for Intended Use (DIU) is a packaging design process and outcome that unambiguously identifies and ensures the intended use of the packaged product by the intended user. What is the result of applying DIU to packaging in the food industry? NVC director Michael Nieuwesteeg shares the most recent insights in a unique presentation and illustrates these with recent observations of packaging designs, both graphical and structural.

Business education in food packaging now Live Online

Not only the food changes, but also the way food professionals are trained. Live Online Learning (LOL) responds to the demand for less travel, more effective use of time and of course sustainability. Business students participate via an internet connection from any location and participate in a live classroom, with a live tutor. Participants of the Food Innovation Day can contact NVC with their questions about the new method, for example for the NVC E-Course Food Packaging and the NVC E-Workshop Food Contact Materials Legislation.

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