Project meeting PUMA: the end of packaging as an environmental issue

Packaging has been with mankind already since ancient times in some moderate form, but the 20th century has brought a dramatic acceleration. The world 'does it' at least 100,000 times per second - creating a huge environmental issue. Now will that issue stay with us for ever? We don’t think so and have started an ambitious NVC project with the goal to end packaging as an environmental issue. The name of the NVC project is PUMA: Packaging Upcyclable Materials Accelerator and the official kick-off was on 29 March 2017.

Following-up on the successful PUMA kick-off, three working groups have been formed. PUMA-L addresses the legislative and regulatory framework, PUMA-O addresses the organisational aspects and PUMA-T focuses on the existing and future technologies. In each group we discuss what can contribute to the PUMA goal: what exists, what is upcoming and what should be?

The third plenary project meeting will take place on 27 March 2019. During this meeting we will discuss the actions we have taken so far and we’ll work on finalising the draft of the Roadmap. This Roadmap describes the activities that are instrumental to achieving our mid-term and ultimate goals. The afternoon starts at 2 PM and we conclude the afternoon with an informal networking dinner which finishes at about 8:30 PM. For participation in the dinner we ask you to pay a fee of €65.

Location: Floating Pavilion, Rotterdam, the Netherlands