Plenary meeting PUMA 2019

Working together to the end of packaging as an environmental issue

The third annual plenary meeting of the NVC PUMA project will take place 27 March 2019, at the iconic Floating Pavilion in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (see photo). The meeting is exclusively accessible for NVC members or on invitation by NVC.


14.00-15.00 Registration with coffee and tea

Entry closes at 15.00

15.00-15.20 Update on PUMA activities and results 2017-2018

- PUMA highlights 2017-2018
- Inspiration for Front-end and Back-end technologies
- The PUMA Roadmap: status, vision and key issues to address

15.20-16.50 Invited speaker: Philosophy and technology of environmental change in packaging
 Xuezi Ma, Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), University of Cambridge

Xuezi Ma graduated from TU Xi’an in Packaging Engineering (China). In 2010 she went to the Hochschule der Media in Germany as exchange student, and earned a dual degree there. She now works on her a PhD at the University of Cambridge (UK). In 2017 she presented award-winning paper “What stops designers from designing sustainable packaging? A review of eco design tools with regard to packaging design” at the 4th International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing (Bologna, Italy).

16.50-17.25 Must-see film: Limits to the Growth revisited

Limits to the Growth Explained. This amazing must-see 35 mins film produced in the year 1972, addresses the Meadows Report to the Club of Rome. The film was produced and distributed to 96 countries by The Junior Chamber International Rotterdam.

17.25-17.40 SHORT BREAK

17.40-18.40 Addressing four key issues together

- A closer look at the “well-known” optimisation curve of packaging versus environment
- Redefining (replacing?) the concept of “Virginity” in the materials dictionary
- The future of Front-end, Collect & Control and Back-end in hydrocarbon-based packaging
- The future of Front-end, Collect & Control and Back-end in the metal-based packaging

18.40-19.20 Plenary feedback, conclusions and resulting action points

19.20-20.30 Joint informal buffet dinner and concluding coffee/drinks

Enjoy the scenery and look back together on a rewarding day (a contribution of €65.- is asked to cover the direct cost and to prevent food waste)

20.30 End-of-meeting