Award Ceremony Packaging Innovation Contest De Gouden Noot 2020 - Live Stream

The award ceremony of the 30th edition of the packaging innovation contest De Gouden Noot will take place on Thursday 8 October 2020 and promises to be a unique, globally accessible event. Location is the Loft on the 16th floor of the phenomenal A'DAM Tower in Amsterdam. The presentation is in the hands of Belgian actress and TV celebrity Francesca Vanthielen. Click here to see the ten finalists. On 8 October, only one of the finalists will take home the winners trophy with the solid golden walnut inside.

A'DAM Tower and presenter Francesca Vanthielen
Who will win solid Gold? Experience it for yourself at home, request the free live stream!*  

The entire event can be followed live from any location in the world. The live stream starts at 7.30 PM CEST and at 9PM CEST we will know who won the solid Gold in this 30th edition of the world's most competitive packaging contest: De Gouden Noot.

The winner's trophy featuring the solid golden walnut



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