NVC supports introduction of PUMA MANIFESTO Portugese edition in Lisbon (Portugal)

NVC apóia a introdução da edição O MANIFESTO PUMA Portugês em Lisboa (Portugal)

Lisbon, 13 September 2022


PUMA in Portugal
The PUMA Project is the collective effort of the packaging business community to end packaging as an environmental issue worldwide. Packaging has been with mankind already since ancient times, however the 20th century has brought a dramatic acceleration. The world now packs at least 320,000 products each second, resulting in as many emptied packs later in time and at a different location. This has caused substantial environmental concerns. As packaging business community we will only keep our societal licence to operate if these concerns are properly addressed. All information on PUMA can be found at www.nvc.nl/puma

On 13 September 2022 the PUMA MANIFESTO Portugese edition will be launched in the Portugese capital Lisbon, at the Sustainable Packaging Summit organised there by Packaging Europe.

The PUMA MANIFESTO outlines the way forward to end packaging as an environmental issue worldwide. It includes the PUMA Model that describes the essentials of the packaging activity and the resources involved. A conceptual roadmap is presented to be applied by every individual actor and the world packaging community as a whole in a self-organising manner. Since it’s introduction (6 May 2020, in English) the Manifesto has been published in the Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch and French language.

PUMA World Conference on 3 May 2023
There is one PUMA plenary meeting every year. The 7th PUMA Plenary Meeting will be the 1st PUMA World Conference . This will take place 3 May 2023 in Düsseldorf (Germany), the day before packaging exhibition interpack2023 there (4-10 May 2023).