NVC General Meeting of Members 2021 - Register now!

Our association was founded on 28 April 1953 and so the next General Meeting of Members (GMM), on Thursday 25 November 2021, we will celebrate our 68th anniversary.

As every year, the GMM combines two consecutive meetings: the Statutory Meeting and the Thematic Meeting.

Statutory Meeting (1-2 PM CET)
The Statutory Meeting (annual report, changes of the board, budget 2022) is Live Online. The Live Online format allows you, as an NVC member, to participate live from any location without having to travel.
The Statutory Meeting is members-only. Click here to register.

Thematic Meeting Packaging in the year 2080 (3-5 PM CET)
The Thematic Meeting starts at 3.00 PM exactly CET and promises to be a globally unique event. The format is Live Hybrid, with a (limited) number of active participants physically at the NVC association office in Gouda. You can participate together with other NVC members at the Best Western Hotel in Gouda nearby the NVC association office or you can actively participate from any other location. The source of inspiration for this meeting is the start of the 31st edition of the De Gouden Noot packaging innovation contest. The contest takes place once every two years. It is therefore sixty years ago that the first edition started. All the more reason to look sixty years ahead, to the year 2080. Click here for more information. Click here to register.

After-party with walking dinner (5-6:30 PM CET)
After the Thematic Meeting, there will be an after-party with walking dinner from 5-6:30 PM CET at the Best Western Hotel in Gouda. There we will all talk informally physically and take the first step together towards the year 2080. So see you on November 25 2021!