Diploma Ceremony NVC Packaging Professional

10 September 2021


This year's graduation ceremony for the graduates of the NVC Course Programme in Packaging promises to be special for two reasons.

First, the location is the NVC Live Hybrid Auditorium in the NVC association office close to the Central Station in Gouda. Thanks to the NVC Live Hybrid technology, it is possible to participate in real-time from any location, with each individual being able to choose to be present 'physically' or 'online'.

Secondly, it is worth noting that the graduates will be listed in the NVC Packaging Professionals Register, which currently contains 697 names. So there is every chance that on 10 September 2021 we will be able to congratulate the 700th NVC Packaging Professional graduate!

If you would like to attend the diploma ceremony (online or physically), please contact Irma Walstra.